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UniSuper's committees support and provide direction to the Board to assist in the management and strategic direction of UniSuper.

  • The Consultative Committee reviews and approves changes to the Trust Deed and nominates people to be appointed as directors of the Board of the Trustee.
  • The Board Committees comprise the:

    • Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee
    • Remuneration Committee
    • Insurance Committee
    • Investment Committee
    • Technology and Projects Committee

Consultative Committee

The Consultative Committee is the voice of our members. It reviews and approves changes to the Trust Deed and is responsible for nominating four directors to the Board.

Shareholder universities each appoint up to four members to the Consultative Committee. Half the members represent the employers, the other half represents, equally, academic staff and general staff.

As at 2 January 2019, the Consultative Committee had 147 members and there was one vacant position.

Board Committees

Our Board Committees consist mainly of directors, who report to each Board meeting.

Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee

S Somogyi 

N Rubinsztein, G McCulloch

Independent non-director members:
B McConnell, S Woodhouse
  • Reviews the integrity of UniSuper’s financial reports and taxation position
  • Reviews the effectiveness of the business risk management framework and the assurance provided by internal audit
  • Reviews the effectiveness of the compliance and internal controls framework
  • Oversees the performance and independence of the internal and external auditors
  • Reviews the adequacy of UniSuper’s insurance program
Remuneration Committee

J den Hollander

I Martin, G McCulloch
Makes recommendations to the Board on:

  • Board remuneration
  • Total bonus and remuneration pools
  • Whole-of-company remuneration and reward strategies, policies and frameworks
Insurance Committee

N Rubinsztein

L Green, P Hollander

Independent non-director members:
S Gould, J Lang

Member ex-officio, CEO UniSuper:
K O'Sullivan
To oversee the application and monitoring of the Insurance Management Framework:

  • To review the Framework and Strategy on an annual basis
  • Monitor the performance of the external insurer
  • Monitor the services and functions outsourced to the Administrator
  • Consider and review risks identified in UniSuper’s Risk Management Framework
  • Report quarterly to the Board on Claims data
  • Monitor and oversee the renewal process for group life policies
Investment Committee

M Armour

I Martin, P Dawkins

Independent non-director members:
C Cuffe, A FitzGerald

Member ex-officio, CEO UniSuper:
K O'Sullivan

Invests Fund assets in a manner consistent with the investment objectives set by the Board.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Investment policy
  • Investment strategy
  • Asset allocations
  • Investment performance
  • Appointment and monitoring of investment managers
Technology and Projects Committee

M Armour

N Gower

Independent non-director members:
M Wright, J Fahey

Member ex-officio, CEO UniSuper:
K O'Sullivan

The Committee is a limited life committee established to enable the Board to focus on specific technology and project needs of the business.

The Committee assists the Board carry out its role in fulfilling its governance and oversight accountabilities to monitor and, where appropriate, approve the Technology Strategy.

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