April 2020

In this edition, we explore some of the issues you may be facing—whether that’s because you need to access some of your super early, you’re finding it tough coping, or you want to know how the market is performing. 

April 2020

An update from our CEO

We’re in uncharted waters now. With all the upheaval going on around us, it’s important to take the time to look after yourself and others. We’ll aim to keep you informed of the latest developments. Know that we’re here if you need assistance.

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Super news

We look at the Government’s emergency measures for accessing your super, changes for pension members and more.

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Insurance in uncertain times

Worried how this crisis may impact you and wondering what type of insurance you might have through your super?

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Mental health during the COVID-19 crisis

Some advice for navigating your way through quarantine and a new socially distant way of life.

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