August 2019

In this edition, find out why many Australians are plagued by fear and anxiety when thinking about retirement, we look into the unique challenges women face when it comes to their super, plus we explore what being the best super fund actually means for you.

August 2019

Best super fund

Our position as one of the best performing super funds in the country has been cemented with UniSuper winning Super Fund of the Year 2019, The Best Fund: Investments 2019 and The Best Fund: Advice Services at the Chant West Fund Awards 2019.

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Changes to super

We bring you up to speed with the latest UniSuper and legislative updates that may affect you.

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Fighting the fear of spending

Many Australians are plagued by fear and anxiety about running out of money in retirement. We uncover some of the reasons around this anxiety and why it may not be as bad as you think.

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Five things you should know about Personal Accounts

You don’t have to work in higher education or research to enjoy the benefits of being a UniSuper member.

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Super and the Australian election

We highlight some of the issues facing the industry and key policy changes throughout the years.

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Why retirement planning is harder for women

We uncover some of the reasons around this and why it’s worth having strategies in place to help secure your financial future.

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Significant event notice

Some investment option costs have changed. We break down the investment options affected and the reasons for these changes.

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