May 2017


May 2017

Five questions for the Chief Investment Officer - May 2017

Join CIO John Pearce as he shares his thoughts on some of our major investment holdings—Telstra, DUET and Sydney Airport—the arrival of Amazon in Australia, and the overall performance of the Australian stock market.

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Few changes to super announced in 2017 Federal Budget

Read our analysis of this year's Federal Budget.

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Podcast Episode #6: Can financial stress impact how we budget?

This month we talk to UniSuper member Gregory Mowle from the University on Canberra on how financial stress impacts how we budget and the role of financial literacy plays in decision making.

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Proving your identity will soon get easier

You'll soon be able to verify your identity electronically and at no cost on MemberOnline.

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Reading from the same page

New research into child and teenage reading habits challenges the 'digital native' phenomenon.

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Debt isn't always a dirty word

Some important things to consider when managing your borrowings.

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Thoughts on managing the money side of a new job

Some things to consider when a new job means more money coming through.

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Does no pain really equal no gain?

Pain provides a necessary contrast in our lives according to research by UniSuper member Associate Professor Brock Bastian.

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Can we think clearly under financial stress?

UniSuper member Gregory Mowle investigates the role financial literacy plays in decision making.

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