May 2019

In this edition, read our interview on financial literacy with Associate Professor Dr. Catherine Attard, we look into the retirement journey and why no two paths are the same, plus more about the government's Protecting Your Super package.

May 2019

2019 Federal Election recap

The Morrison Government clung to power over the weekend, surprising many. What is the government’s next term going to mean for your super?

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Now live: big super changes

On 1 July, the government’s Protecting Your Super package introduced new measures to prevent fees and insurance premiums from eroding your super.

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Teaching moneywise kids

With renewed public interest in the motives behind school banking schemes and the role they play in teaching financial literacy, what are the alternatives?

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Go your own way

A healthy super balance can be the key to a blissful retirement. But for many, retirement is a long way off, and it’s hard to know if you’ll have enough.

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The new tide of slavery

Slavery. It’s a word that might conjure up grainy images of captured people serving a privileged master in a not-so-distant bygone era. But ‘Modern slavery’ is a real issue and is on our radar here at UniSuper.

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