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Is there a difference in the way after-tax contributions to my own super vs contributing to my spouse’s super are taxed?


What happens to my superannuation when I die?


My wife and I are reviewing our Wills and wanted to know if testamentary trusts are still a valid way to protect our financial affairs when we die?

Estate planning

I’m finishing up my role at the university and I am moving back to New Zealand where I have an existing pension fund. My UniSuper pension fund is small but I would like to consolidate it with my existing fund. Can I transfer my UniSuper funds to my New Zealand pension fund?

Pension Superannuation

I recently received an inheritance, how much of it can I put into superannuation as a lump sum?


My son has a $30,000 debt he is struggling to pay off. I am 60 years old, and am still working. Can I use my super to help him?

Debt management Superannuation

I’m concerned I’m going to run out of money in retirement, what should I do?

Saving and budgeting Retirement

I recently received an inheritance windfall and as I am well-funded in my superannuation, I'm thinking about how to invest it. Does UniSuper provide investment services outside of superannuation and if so what are they and how do they work?

Saving and budgeting Investing

I need to restructure my super because of the new retirement transfer cap. What are the implications for this?


Will the Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) be available to people who had their Age Pension cancelled after the reduction in the asset test threshold in January?

Retirement Pension

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