My son has a $30,000 debt he is struggling to pay off. I am 60 years old, and am still working. Can I use my super to help him?

Hello Margaret, great question. As I can’t provide personal advice online, I’ll outline some things to consider.

If you’re still working, a transition to retirement (TTR) lets you access a maximum of 10% per year of your fund balance as an income stream. You don't need to retire or cease an employment arrangement to start a TTR.

There has been some recent tax changes that relate to the investment earnings of TTR pensions but don’t affect the income paid to you. The income paid by TTR accounts remain tax-free for members over age 60. However, from 1 July 2017, investment earnings are taxed up to 15% in line with normal super accounts.

Other than a TTR strategy, members over preservation age will need to satisfy a condition of release to access their super (e.g. retiring, or reaching age 60 and ceasing an employment arrangement).

Lastly, remember that people are now living longer, which increases the risk of outliving super savings. Before giving the money to your son, consider whether you can afford to help him.

A meeting with a financial planner can help you to work out your options.

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Answered by Matthew Sear


Matthew is a highly qualified and certified financial planner, with a Law degree from the University of Queensland.

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