I’m finishing up my role at the university and I am moving back to New Zealand where I have an existing pension fund. My UniSuper pension fund is small but I would like to consolidate it with my existing fund. Can I transfer my UniSuper funds to my New Zealand pension fund?

Hi Peter, thanks for your question. Good news—it is possible to transfer your UniSuper balance to a KiwiSaver account in New Zealand.

To be eligible to transfer you must have permanently emigrated from Australia to New Zealand.

Accumulation members

If you’re an Accumulation 1, Accumulation 2 or Personal Account member, you can transfer your balance as a lump sum to your chosen KiwiSaver scheme.

Your entire account will be transferred and your UniSuper account will be closed.

Defined benefit or Flexi Pension members

If you’re a Defined Benefit Division (DBD) or Flexi Pension member, you’ll need to transfer your balance to a UniSuper accumulation account and close your DBD or Flexi Pension accounts before you can make the transfer to your KiwiSaver scheme.

There are four steps in the process:

  1. Complete the Transfer your UniSuper account to a KiwiSaver form
  2. Prove your identify
  3. Provide supporting documentation around your move to New Zealand and the existence of a valid KiwiSaver account
  4. Post the form and supporting documentation to UniSuper to start the transfer process.

UniSuper has a helpful fact sheet called Transfer your UniSuper account to KiwiSaver which provides more information on transfers to KiwiSaver schemes, including the supporting documentation you’ll need to provide and how to prove your identity.

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Answered by Matthew Sear


Matthew is a highly qualified and certified financial planner, with a Law degree from the University of Queensland.

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