After-tax contributions


You can grow your retirement income by making additional contributions from your after-tax pay or savings.

After-tax contributions are known as non-concessional contributions, personal super contributions or lump sum contributions to super for which no tax deduction is claimed.

How much can I contribute?

There are limits, known as caps, on how much you can contribute before you start paying an additional tax on contributions. Read more about the caps that apply to super.

Also, it’s important to remember that once you reach age 75, the Government doesn’t let you make any personal contributions to your super.

How can I make an after-tax contribution to my super?


Log in to your account and go to 'Contributing to super' under the 'Manage account' section to find your BPAY® details.


  1. Download, print and complete the Lump sum voluntary member contribution form (PDF, 527KB)
  2. Make your cheque payable to UniSuper Limited— write your UniSuper member number on the reverse side. 
  3. Mail your form and cheque to:
    Level 1, 385 Bourke Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

Claim a tax deduction for after-tax contributions

If you are eligible to claim a deduction, these contributions will be treated the same as before-tax contributions—they’ll be taxed at 15% if they don’t exceed the concessional contributions cap.

You can submit a notice of intent to claim a tax deduction by:

Need some help?

If you’re self-employed, figuring out a strategy to help you save for the future can be challenging.

Speaking with a qualified financial adviser can help you make informed decisions about what’s right for you.

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