Government co-contributions


If you put some of your own money into your super, the government could match it by 50%, up to a maximum of $500. 

If you’ve made an after-tax super contribution during the financial year, the government will take a look at your tax return and if you’re eligible, pay the government co-contribution directly to the super fund you made your super contribution into.

If you have more than one super fund and you want your government co-contribution paid to UniSuper, you need to let the ATO know through your MyGov account. You can find out more about co-contributions on the ATO website.  

How much could I get?

The following table shows examples of how much the Government might top up your super depending on your income and how much you contribute:

your Income Personal super contribution
  $1,000 $800 $500 $200
$37,697 or less $500 $400 $250 $100
$40,697 $400 $400
$250 $100
$43,697 $300 $300 $250 $100
$46,697 $200 $200
$49,697 $100 $100
$52,697 or more $0 $0 $0 $0

Am I eligible for Government co-contributions?

Generally, to be eligible for co-contributions you need to:

  • earn an annual total income of less than the $52,697 threshold for the 2018-19 financial year with at least 10% of your total income coming from eligible employment-related activities and/or carrying on a business
  • make an eligible personal super contribution during the income year into a complying super fund and not claim a deduction for all of it
  • be less than 71 years of age at the end of the financial year in which contributions are made
  • be a permanent resident of Australia (limited exceptions apply to New Zealand citizens and other prescribed people holding temporary visas)
  • lodge an income tax return for the relevant financial year
  • meet the requirements of superannuation law for making voluntary contributions
  • have a total super balance of less than the general transfer balance cap on 30 June for the previous financial year
  • make sure the contribution/s you make to super don’t exceed your non-concessional (after tax) cap for that year.

To find out more about Government co-contributions, visit the ATO website or call us on 1800 331 685.