Super and your spouse


You and your partner can help each other boost your joint retirement income. You may also enjoy tax benefits.

You don't have to be married to have a spouse

Your spouse can be someone you are married to or in an opposite or same-sex relationship with.
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Contribution splitting

You can boost your joint retirement income by splitting your super contributions across two UniSuper accounts—yours and your spouse’s.

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Spouse contributions

You can top up your spouse’s UniSuper account (or they can top up yours) at any time with an after-tax contribution on their behalf.

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Your spouse may be eligible to open a UniSuper Personal Account

A Personal Account offers accumulation-style super with access to a range of investment options, competitive fees and member support.

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Get advice

Talk to UniSuper Advice on 1800 823 842 to help you and your spouse decide a contributions strategy for you.