Home care


Home care generally helps people aged 65 and over stay in their own homes by providing assistance with daily tasks.

Daily tasks can include:

  • help with domestic duties like laundry, cleaning, meal preparation or personal care
  • transport to appointments or the shops
  • gardening and home maintenance
  • after-hospital and nursing care
  • social support and other activities

How to access home care

There are different types of home care services, so the Government's My Aged Care website is a great resource on the options and services available to you or your loved ones, depending on your location. 

Also, depending on where you live, there may be additional services available to you, including:

Hints and tips

"Be familiar with your loved ones hobbies/interests. Actively research the local groups and see when they have regular events to attend. This will assist in keeping them active and feeling a part of the community.
Jamie, 47

Have an open discussion on where and what type of Residential Care your loved one would like. Should the need arise, then both of you can research the options together.”
Dale, 46

  • state or territory government assistance
  • local council programs, and 
  • local service providers. 

There are also community-based services available including:

How is home care assessed?

There are eligibility requirements for home care, including minimum age and ability to perform basic tasks without extra help, illness, and needing short-term assistance. Eligibility for home care is assessed by a local home support assessor through a regional assessment service.

Questions you may be asked during an assessment include:

  • any support you are currently receiving
  • if you have any health concerns
  • how you are managing with activities around the home
  • some questions relating to your safety in the home

Contact the My Aged Care contact centre for more information or to arrange an assessment. 


The maximum basic daily fee is $10.54 per person (up to $147.56 per fortnight). However there are tiered income thresholds which determine the appropriate amount charged.

The Australian Government's Fee estimate calculator can also help you estimate the fees and payments you may be asked to pay for aged care. 

Visit the My Aged Care website for more information and tips on how to get started.

Get advice

You can contact UniSuper Advice about your aged care needs by calling us on 1800 823 842 or by submitting an online enquiry