Insurance through your super


You may already have insurance cover with us as part of your UniSuper membership (if you meet eligibility criteria). You can apply to change your level of cover at any time.

If you were injured, or fell ill

  • Could you get by financially without working?
  • Could you afford ongoing medical treatment with your current savings?
  • Could your family (or whoever relies on you) get by financially if you died or weren’t able to provide for them?

Insurance can give you and your family financial security through life’s unexpected events.

Why insure through your super?

Getting insurance cover through a super fund like UniSuper can be a convenient and affordable alternative to taking out a policy directly with an insurance company.

Because we insure a lot of members at once, we get the benefits of bulk-buying, which helps keep premium costs down. These premiums are deducted from your super.

The insurance you have through your UniSuper membership is provided through group insurance policies we have with TAL Life Limited (who we refer to as our “Insurer”).

Check your cover

Log into your account to check what insurance cover and benefit amount you currently have. You can also apply to change or cancel your cover.

Types of insurance cover we offer through your super

  • Accumulation 1
  • Accumulation 2
  • Personal Account
  • Defined Benefit Division

Any insurance cover you receive will be in addition to your inbuilt benefits.

This page provides a snapshot of the types of insurance cover that may be available to UniSuper members. Before making any decisions, read the product disclosure statement relevant to your membership category and the Insurance in your super booklet (PDF, 1.93MB).

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