Listed Property (Super)

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This is a listed REITs option.

Returns from listed property investments are typically more volatile than returns experienced from unlisted property investments.

Investment option type Sector
Member suitability Suits members who:

  • want to invest in a specific asset class
  • are comfortable with the value of their investments fluctuating
  • understand the explanation of listed property exposures in the How we invest your money booklet (PDF, 1.48MB) and that returns will reflect changes in security prices on listed markets which will be different from (and more volatile than) returns from owning real property.
Performance objective* To achieve returns (after Fund taxes and investment expenses, before deducting account-based fees) that are at least 3.0% p.a. more than inflation (CPI) over the suggested time frame.
Investment strategy To invest in a diversified portfolio of securities (including but not limited to) listed property securities.
Suggested investment time frame Minimum of six years
Expected frequency of negative annual return Four to less than six in 20 years
Summary risk level High
Option size# $367.7 million (as at 31 August 2020)
Total investment fees and costs and transaction costs (%)^ 0.26

* Performance objectives are not promises or predictions of any particular rate of return.
# Size of both accumulation and pension assets.
^ These amounts reflect the fees and costs which we have incurred in managing the Listed Property option, for example, fees and costs we incur in the course of investing in listed property securities—i.e. real estate investment trusts (REITs)—for that option. These figures do not include any amounts incurred by the REITs which the Listed Property option has invested in – such as costs relating to any real property and the other business activities of those REITs.

Option Performance (% p.a.)1

Vs Objective

As of 30 Jun 2020
Listed Property Option Yield CPI + 3.0% Outperformance
6 years 6.3 4.3 2.0

Vs Peers

As of 30 Sep 2020
Listed Property Option SuperRatings Median Outperformance
1 Month -1.08 -- --
3 Months 2.58 -- --
FYTD 2.58 -- --
1 Year -17.76 -- --
3 Years 2.44 -- --
5 Years 3.57 -- --
7 Years 7.40 -- --
10 Years 8.48 -- --

Periods less than a year are not annualised

Some performance data are not yet available for this option.

Option Performance ($)2

Strategic asset allocation (%)3

Last updated on 30 June 2012

Strategic asset allocation (%)3

Last updated on 30 June 2012

Major Holdings4

By value (descending order) as at 31 August 20205

Goodman Group
Scentre Group
Mirvac Group
GPT Group/The
Prologis Inc
Vicinity Centres
Charter Hall Group
Digital Realty Trust Inc
Vonovia SE
Public Storage
Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group
Charter Hall Long Wale REIT
Welltower Inc
BWP Trust
Waypoint REIT Ltd
Avalonbay Communities Inc
Realty Income Corp
Alexandria Real Estate Equities
Equity Residential

1 Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Some performance data are not yet available for this option. Option returns are calculated net of investment expenses and Fund taxes but are gross of account-based fees. Due to rounding, excess return may not equate to the difference between option return and median return. The SuperRatings data is based on the SuperRatings survey for the relevant period and does not take into account any subsequent revisions or corrections made by SuperRatings.

2 Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. This graph shows the growth of $10,000 invested in this option over the period illustrated net of investment expenses and fund taxes but gross of account-based fees. No adjustments have been made to reflect the impact of inflation.
Note that the graph uses interim daily crediting rates and does not reflect the final crediting rates which are used to calculate option performance in the table above.

3 The strategic asset allocation may change and may be altered by the trustee from time to time to suit prevailing market circumstances. Actual allocation will deviate from their targets, but are monitored so they are kept within a range approved by the Trustee.

4 These holdings may change from time to time. The above holdings are the outcome of various strategies applied by UniSuper and by a range of investment managers taking into account a variety of considerations, many of which are specific to UniSuper and superannuation funds in general. The above lists are published for informational purposes only and are not a recommendation or endorsement of any of the companies listed, for inclusion in your personal portfolio. Before selecting companies to invest in personally, you should seek professional financial advice that takes into account your personal circumstances and investment objectives. Value includes direct holdings only and does not include exposures from indirect holdings.

5 Value includes direct holdings only and does not include exposures from indirect holdings.

This information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. You should read the product disclosure statement and booklets relevant to your membership category, consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to your personal circumstances and consider consulting a licensed financial adviser before making an investment decision based on information contained in this document.

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