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24 September 2020

Five questions for the Chief Investment Officer - September 2020

Join Chief Investment Officer, John Pearce, as he discusses the current investment landscape.

9 July 2020

Investment market update - 9 July 2020

With annual statements hitting inboxes and mailboxes soon, many members will find the news isn’t as bad as they might’ve expected only a few months ago.

4 May 2020

Investment market update - 4 May 2020

We’ve had a rough ride lately but in investment terms, the outcome for our diversified portfolios may not be as bad as the headlines suggest. We remain in a strong position. And we’re on the front foot, buying up.

8 April 2020

Investment market update - 8 April 2020

We’re seeing some encouraging signs but it’s still too early to say we won’t revisit market lows, writes Chief Investment Officer John Pearce.

10 February 2020

Five questions for the CIO - February 2020

CIO John Pearce reflects on last year’s highlights, the potential effects of the coronavirus crisis, and the longer-term outlook after a decade of solid returns.

6 December 2019

Five questions for the CIO - December 2019

CIO John Pearce discusses the recent record-breaking performance of the Australian share market, the stellar returns of our sustainable investment options, and some of the risks on the horizon.

28 October 2019

Five questions for the CIO - October 2019

Investment markets are continuing to reward the risk takers.
Join CIO John Pearce and Senior Analyst Victoria Place as they take a look at the big moves, with a particular focus on our Listed Property investment option.

23 August 2019

Five questions for the CIO August 2019

As the US-China tariff war heats up, global bond markets are signalling recession.

14 June 2019

Five questions for the CIO - June 2019

Share markets have been performing strongly in the wake of the Federal Election. But with a recent interest rate cut and an economic cold war brewing between the US and China, are there ominous signs on the horizon for the Australian economy?

13 June 2019

Sustainable investments performing well over long term

If you’re invested in UniSuper’s sustainable investment options, you can take heart.