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10 January 2019

Investment market update - January 2019

A poor year for global share markets saw our Cash and Australian Bond investment options outperform most growth options for the first time in six years.

11 December 2018

Investment market update December 2018

The investment options we primarily invest in global shares will be recording far more subdued returns this calendar year. But what’s behind the variance in their short-term performance?

12 November 2018

Five questions for the CIO - November 2018

What actually happened that made October such a bad month for global share markets?

9 October 2018

Investment market update - October 2018

This month, we set aside the market’s current gyrations to look at a trend that seems set to continue for some time—the increasing popularity of 'index management'.

30 August 2018

Five questions for the CIO - August 2018

Despite trade wars and political upheaval, Australia’s share market is trading at a 10-year high. Find out why—and the latest developments on one of our largest investments—in this video with CIO John Pearce.

17 July 2018

Spotlight on investments - July 2018

Despite gloomy headlines, the Australian share market staged an impressive rally over the 2017-18 financial year.

22 June 2018

Five questions for the CIO

John Pearce discusses our place in the investment and economic cycle, and the implications. He also touches on ‘index investing’ and how UniSuper employs index strategies within an active framework.

4 May 2018

Investment market update - May 2018

Why have some of our best-performing infrastructure assets over the long term, recently suffered some short-term dips?

13 April 2018

Five questions for the CIO - April 2018

John Pearce reflects on fears of a looming trade war, Facebook-related market jitters, and whether there might be some positive investment news on the horizon.

16 March 2018

Investment market update - March 2018

Take a look at why our sustainable investment options recent performance hasn’t kept pace with their mainstream equivalents.