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13 April 2018

Five questions for the CIO - April 2018

John Pearce reflects on fears of a looming trade war, Facebook-related market jitters, and whether there might be some positive investment news on the horizon.

16 March 2018

Investment market update - March 2018

Take a look at why our sustainable investment options recent performance hasn’t kept pace with their mainstream equivalents.

16 February 2018

Five questions for the Chief Investment Officer - February 2018

John Pearce reflects on the recent investment market volatility. He also shares his latest views on Bitcoin, along with the cautionary tale of a friend’s personal Bitcoin experience.

9 February 2018

Taking control of the Global Environmental Opportunties option

Last year, we decided to manage the Global Environmental Opportunities option ourselves.

10 January 2018

Investment market update - January 2018

We take a look at what could be in store for investments during 2018—and why.

13 December 2017

UniSuper 'fortress assets' leaders in sustainability

Our property and infrastructure investments recently ranked highly in Australian and global benchmarks for energy efficiency and ESG standards.

21 November 2017

Five questions for the CIO - November 2017

This month we discuss Australia’s debt bubble, our Global Companies in Asia investment option, and reveal how we voted on the remuneration report of a leading Australian bank—and why.

12 October 2017

Investment market update - October 2017

We take a look at our Global Environmental Opportunities investment option, our top performer for the 2016-17 financial year.

25 September 2017

Five questions for the Chief Investment Officer - September 2017

Our CIO John Pearce has strong views of the Bitcoin buzz. Hear his views, together with comments on Australia’s lagging stock market, in this month’s Five questions for the CIO video.

21 July 2017

Five questions for the Chief Investment Officer - July 2017

John Pearce reflects on UniSuper’s best and worst-performing investment options over the last financial year. He also takes a look at whether or not Australian banks really are ‘the big end of town’.