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23 January 2017

Five questions for the Chief Investment Officer - January 2017

John Pearce reflects on the market rebound following Trump’s election, and the apparent move into a...

7 December 2016

Investment market update - December 2016

The surprise result of the US presidential election has dominated market movements in recent weeks.

11 November 2016

Investment market update - November 2016

A rise in bond yields from extremely low levels has sent jitters through global share markets, with property and infrastructure hardest hit.

10 November 2016

How does the US election result impact your super?

Yesterday’s US election result came as a surprise to many as the world looked on.
You may have heard reports of market jitters as the day unfolded. But what does a Trump victory actually mean for your super?

14 October 2016

Five questions for the Chief Investment Officer - October 2016

Join John Pearce as he shares his insights into Listed Property’s recent dip, thoughts on how Australia’s...

11 October 2016

Investment market update - October 2016

Though the Australian share market ended flat for September, the month was by no means a steady journey.

9 September 2016

Five questions for the Chief Investment Officer - August 2016

Join CIO John Pearce for a look at the post-Brexit economy, pros and cons of the latest interest rate cuts...

9 September 2016

Investment market update—September 2016

The new financial year has got off to an interesting start with August losses eroding some of July's gains.

24 August 2016

UniSuper extends investment in major infrastructure project

Investment in Sydney's Water Filtration Plant extended to 2035.

10 August 2016

Investment market update—August 2016

Despite some uncertainty after the British public voted to leave the European Union, July was a strong month for shares with solid gains around the world's major markets.