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22 December 2015

The risk of being defensive

When considering defensive investments, it’s natural to assume they carry lower levels of risk than growth assets. But it’s important to be aware that they’re not risk-free.

8 December 2015

Investment market update—December 2015

Global share markets diverged in November as markets started preparing for a world in which we’re seeing the major central banks moving in opposite directions.

13 November 2015

Investment market update—November 2015

Share markets worldwide enjoyed a solid bounce in October. The Australian market was up over 4%, with listed property once again providing a positive contribution.

12 October 2015

Investment market update—October 2015

The weak trajectory that took hold of the world’s share markets in August continued into September as investors remain concerned about the risk of a major global slowdown.

6 October 2015

An insiders' look at diversification

One of the basic pieces of advice given to investors is to ensure their portfolio is well diversified to help protect against volatile markets.

9 September 2015

Investment market update—September 2015

This month’s market update by UniSuper Chief Investment Officer John Pearce explores some factors driving the recent market crash.

8 July 2015

Investment Market Update - July 2015

This month, UniSuper’s Chief Investment Officer John Pearce takes a look at our best investment calls and regrets for the past financial year and how they’ve affected performance.

5 June 2015

Investment Market Update - June 2015

This month’s update focuses on the Australian Equity Income, Global Companies in Asia and Global Environmental Opportunities options.

13 May 2015

Investment Market Update - May 2015

This month we take a look at how our sustainable investment options have outperformed their mainstream peers since last year’s changes.

7 May 2015

UniSuper named Super Fund of the Year and Best Fund: Investments

We’re thrilled to announce that UniSuper has been named Super Fund of the Year and Best...