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9 September 2015

Investment market update—September 2015

This month’s market update by UniSuper Chief Investment Officer John Pearce explores some factors driving the recent market crash.

8 July 2015

Investment Market Update - July 2015

This month, UniSuper’s Chief Investment Officer John Pearce takes a look at our best investment calls and regrets for the past financial year and how they’ve affected performance.

5 June 2015

Investment Market Update - June 2015

This month’s update focuses on the Australian Equity Income, Global Companies in Asia and Global Environmental Opportunities options.

13 May 2015

Investment Market Update - May 2015

This month we take a look at how our sustainable investment options have outperformed their mainstream peers since last year’s changes.

7 May 2015

UniSuper named Super Fund of the Year and Best Fund: Investments

We’re thrilled to announce that UniSuper has been named Super Fund of the Year and Best...

8 April 2015

Investment Market Update - April 2015

This month’s market update focuses on Australia’s recent 'reporting season' and the performance of some of our major holdings.

13 March 2015

What's a yield bubble?

A yield bubble is a cycle where assets that provide yields are highly priced for a time before drastically dropping in value.

10 March 2015

Investment Market Update - March 2015

Though the Australian economy remains weak, the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA’s) move in February to cut interest rates has spurred the share market higher.

9 February 2015

Investment market update - February 2015

Global share markets generally started the year with a positive tone which continues into the early days of February.

13 January 2015

Investment market update - January 2015

Despite weaker global markets and continued falls in Australia’s key commodity export prices, the Australian share market returned 2% in December