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8 April 2015

Investment Market Update - April 2015

This month’s market update focuses on Australia’s recent 'reporting season' and the performance of some of our major holdings.

13 March 2015

What's a yield bubble?

A yield bubble is a cycle where assets that provide yields are highly priced for a time before drastically dropping in value.

10 March 2015

Investment Market Update - March 2015

Though the Australian economy remains weak, the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA’s) move in February to cut interest rates has spurred the share market higher.

9 February 2015

Investment market update - February 2015

Global share markets generally started the year with a positive tone which continues into the early days of February.

13 January 2015

Investment market update - January 2015

Despite weaker global markets and continued falls in Australia’s key commodity export prices, the Australian share market returned 2% in December

10 November 2014

Investment market update November 2014

Australian shares returned 4.3% in October, partially reversing a large fall in September.

7 October 2014

Investment market update October 2014

Global share markets fell in September and Australian shares suffered more than most, losing -5.4%.

4 September 2014

Investment market update - September 2014

This month we summarise some of the positives and negatives to come out of the August ‘reporting season’ (reporting of company financial results). We also outline some of the implications of the significant changes recently implemented to our two sustainable investment options.

14 August 2014

Investment market update - August 2014

This month we take a closer look at the credit cycle and touch on Diversified Credit Income, UniSuper's newest investment option launching soon on 1 September.

7 July 2014

Investment market update - July 2014

This month we take a look back on the lack of volatility in the share market during this past year. This occurred despite a range of economic, political and market concerns.