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We run seminars at more than 80 venues around Australia—both on and off university campuses. 

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Budget and Centrelink update

In this seminar we outline Budget proposals for super, tax and retirement income products, as well as provide an update on already legislated changes. This includes an overview of current Centrelink rules.

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Creating wealth - Investing inside & outside super

The goal of investing is to put your money to work in one or more types of investment vehicles in the hopes of growing your money over time. The second part of our four-part Workplace Financial Wellbeing Program demonstrates the importance of setting an investment time horizon and determining an appropriate investment allocation according to your appetite for risk.

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Financial considerations for early retirement schemes

Members considering accepting an early retirement scheme may benefit from attending our information session regarding their super options. This session will cover issues surrounding financial decisions and retirement planning.

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Framework for financial success

Suitable for members at any age who wish to understand how creating a framework can pave the way for a clear financial future.

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Investment update & market outlook

The Investment update & market outlook seminar provides an opportunity to hear firsthand from a senior UniSuper investment executive about the latest developments in local and global investment markets as well as the performance of UniSuper’s investment options to date.

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Managing key life events

Life happens. Whether we like it or not, there will be unexpected events that can impact us both personally and financially. The event could be health, work or career related, but regardless of the cause, you’re likely to quickly begin thinking about the financial implications.

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Managing Your Contributions - Accumulation 1 Members

The rules around contributing to super can be complex and confusing. This seminar aims to take away the confusion and explain the different types of contributions to super. This session will focus on contribution considerations for Accumulation 1 members.

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Preparing your retirement

This seminar provides members with the key issues to consider leading up to retirement.

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Protecting wealth - Insurance and estate planning

Getting insurance and estate planning right is essential to protect your loved ones in case the unexpected happens. The third of UniSuper’s four-part Workplace Financial Wellbeing Program will cover the different kinds of insurance available and issues to consider when planning your estate.

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Retirement options for Pre 98 DB members

Suitable for members who joined the Defined Benefit prior to 1 July 1998, this seminar aims to explain the common options available to generate income and fund your retirement goals.

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Saving in a world of spending

In the first of our four-part Workplace Financial Wellbeing Program, we outline techniques that look beyond the essentials and help to build a foundation for you to become financially secure.

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Super for women

Research shows that women face unique challenges when it comes to retirement savings. They tend to have less super than men for many different reasons, including career breaks and time out of the workforce to raise families.

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Super fundamentals

Suitable for members looking to understand the fundamentals of super.

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SuperFriend retiring well

Transitioning into retirement can provoke feelings of excitement and apprehension for many people. Not only do people require education around financial and physical health, but also around how to prepare mentally at all stages of the retirement journey.

A psychologist engaged by SuperFriend will outline ways to assist you to achieve a mentally healthy retirement.

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The Bank of Mum and Dad – Open for business?

For the most part, parents want to help their children any way they can. But how can we get the best of both worlds? How can we be assured that we will have a comfortable financial future set up to weather the storm of investment uncertainty and the risks of premature retirement, but also make sure our 20 somethings have a great head start in what is becoming a difficult era to make financial inroads?....Join us………

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Understanding Aged Care for a loved one

Suitable for members looking for an overview of the different aged care options available including residential and home care, as well as information for carers.

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Wealth management and protection

Suitable for Millennials, Generation Y and Next, looking to build on key investment fundamentals with the goal of growing money over time and safeguarding yourself from the consequences of illness, disability, accident, loss of life or damage.

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Welcome to UniSuper Q & A

Suitable for new starters and new UniSuper members. An informal session to meet your on-campus consultant/s, ask general questions about super and to learn about the help, guidance and advice services available to members.

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Your retirement options

Suitable for members aged 60+, this seminar aims to explain the common options available to generate income and fund your retirement goals.

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Your Super - Take control for the retirement you want

To make the most of superannuation, you need to choose the right product, determine your contribution and investment strategy, set up insurance and nominate beneficiaries. These options are the focus of the fourth and final part of our Workplace Financial Wellbeing Program.

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