Understand your UniSuper pension options


You have access to a unique range of pension products for managing your retirement income.

Understand your pension options

As a UniSuper member you can choose to have:

  • an account-based pension, like our Flexi Pension, and/or
  • an indexed pension, like our Commercial Rate Indexed Pension, or our Defined Benefit Indexed Pension

Flexi Pension

Starting a Flexi Pension can help you:

  • manage your super and receive regular income once you’ve permanently left the workforce
  • boost your super if you’re still working
  • supplement your income if you’re still working and transitioning to retirement.

Find out more about Flexi Pensions.

Indexed pensions

An indexed pension provides you with a regular monthly income, indexed to CPI, for the rest of your life without the need to manage your own investments.

We have two types of account-based pensions:

Note: UniSuper could decide to stop adjusting Defined Benefit Indexed Pensions in line with CPI for a period of time or adjust them by less than CPI. Payment of Commercial Rate and Defined Benefit Indexed Pensions is subject to the risk that the Defined Benefit Division (DBD) won’t have sufficient assets to meet all obligations to DBD members. These risks are explained in the relevant Your guide to pensions PDS.