Are you on track?


You’ve done your homework. You know what your savings goals are, and have thought about how much you’ll need to achieve them. But how do you know whether you’re going to have enough to reach your goals?

Our handy calculators for accumulation account members can look at where you are today and project where you may be tomorrow. 

A calculated retirement

We have two retirement projection calculators, and the one you should use depends on how far away retirement is for you.


The Retirement adequacy calculator provides an estimate of your superannuation lump sum benefit when you retire and how much annual income this may provide up to the age you’re expected to live to. It’ll also show whether there is likely to be a gap between your estimated annual retirement pension and your target income (to meet your needs).


If you’re close to retirement, the Pension income calculator allows you to see an estimate of how long your super will last after you start withdrawing it as regular income payments. After inputting the total amount of super you think you’ll use to start a pension, you can then dial your annual pension income up and down (subject to a minimum income amount) to see how long your pension is expected to last. You can also enter a range of different investment returns to see what impact they may have on your pension income and its expected lifespan.

Between two extremes

Members’ super balances at retirement exist on a continuum. At one end are members with smaller retirement balances who may rely on government benefits during retirement, and on the other end are members with higher account balances who may be able to fund their own retirement. Most members sit somewhere along the spectrum.

No matter how far away you are from retirement, there are many things you can do now to help build your super savings. These include:

  • Contributing extra to your super
  • Consolidating your super
  • Reviewing your investment strategy 
  • Checking your eligibility for government incentives
  • Working longer and therefore receiving super contributions for longer
  • Getting financial advice

As a UniSuper member, you have exclusive access to UniSuper Advice. Our advice service is solely dedicated to helping you and your spouse with your finances. The result? Personal financial advice from a team with unique, in-depth knowledge of UniSuper and the higher education and research sector. You can contact UniSuper Advice to find out more about the service or to make an appointment. 

The strategies that may work best for you depend on your personal circumstances. 

What next?