Flexi Pension


A Flexi Pension lets you pay yourself a regular income from your super while you’re still working or once you’ve retired. It’s flexible and easy to manage so you can enjoy your retirement knowing your money is still working for you.

A Flexi Pension could be right for you if…

You're ready to stop working

Receive a regular income from your super when you’ve reached your preservation age and left the workforce.

You want to reduce your working hours

Supplement your earnings with an income from your Flexi Pension. If you’re eligible, you can do this with a transition to retirement strategy.

If you’re aged 65 or older, you can start a Flexi Pension regardless of whether you’re still working or retired.

Key features

Our Flexi Pension can help you:

  • Choose how much and how often you’re paid, subject to minimum and maximum amounts.
  • Keep your super invested where you want it by choosing from any of our 16 investment options.
  • Have the flexibility to change your payments and, if eligible, withdraw extra money at any time.
  • Start with a minimum of $25,000 from your super. You can transfer up to $1.6 million tax-free, across all pension accounts.

Get to know our Flexi Pension a little better. Download the product disclosure statement (PDF, 2.11MB).

How to apply


If you have an accumulation account of at least $25,000 with us and you’re 60 or over, you can apply online in 10-15 minutes.

Log in to your account to apply

Application form

Use the application form if you’re:

  • A defined benefit member, or
  • Starting a transition to retirement strategy

Download the PDS and application form (PDF, 2.11MB)

You’re in good hands

Here are some of the benefits of being with one of Australia’s largest industry funds:

Strong long-term performance and Investment choice

investment performance

We have a history of strong long-term investment performance and have regularly achieved returns that exceed industry benchmarks and averages.*

Low fees

low fees

Our fees are among the most competitive in our industry. SuperRatings, a superannuation research company, has given our Flexi Pension product a Platinum Performance rating for 10 years running. Check out our Flexi Pension fees.

See for yourself how Flexi Pension ranks against the others with the Flexi Pension SuperRatings Fundamentals report (PDF, 243 KB).

Exclusively for you


We're proud to be a profit-for-members fund. We don't pay our advisers commissions, and we don't pay shareholders dividends.

* Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about our Flexi Pension, call us on 1800 331 685 or send us an email.

If you need an expert, UniSuper Advice can help set you up for retirement. Call 1800 823 842 to make an appointment.

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