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With so many different super and pension funds available, it's hard to know which fund is the right one for you. And since your choice of fund could have a big impact on your final super payout, it's important for you to know you’re making the right decision.

Chant West AppleCheck

Compare us with over 200 other super funds using Chant West's AppleCheck tool.

Chant West AppleCheck is an independent tool that allows you to compare superannuation funds on an ‘apples with apples’ basis. The comparison uses data from Chant West's research and covers investments, fees, insurance and member services.

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Please note: This tool does not compare Defined Benefit funds.

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Not sure which account you're in? Simply log in to your account and access the AppleCheck tool in the 'Manage account' section, which will automatically lead you to the correct tool for your membership.

UniSuper purchases products from Chant West on commercial terms but isn’t a shareholder in Chant West and has no influence over the research results and ratings. You’ll be linked to the Chant West website. Chant West AppleCheck is provided by Chant West Pty Ltd ABN 75 077 595 316 and not by UniSuper or by Chant West acting as UniSuper’s agent. UniSuper accepts no responsibility for the information provided to you by Chant West. Chant West may provide UniSuper with a copy of the personal information you provide to access AppleCheck. Your personal information may also be used to provide you with more details about the products and services UniSuper provides. In all other respects, UniSuper will treat your personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy (PDF, 82KB).