Accumulation explained

If you have accumulation-style super, your super balance can accumulate through contributions and investment returns.

Accumulating your retirement savings

In an accumulation-style super account, contributions are invested by your super fund in the investment options you have chosen (or in a default investment option if you haven’t made any investment choices) to generate earnings which can be positive or negative.

Typically your retirement savings accumulate in your super account through:

Start early

It’s better to start early when it comes to making contributions, because your super account will have more time to benefit from compound interest. See just how much you could benefit:

See the difference interest can make over time

Any fees, expenses or taxes that apply are taken out of your super account on a regular basis throughout the year. These impact the returns on your investment or your retirement savings.

It’s important to remember that investment earnings can be positive or negative depending on how your investment options have performed and past performance should not be relied upon as an indicator of future performance. Negative returns may also impact your final benefit.

UniSuper’s accumulation-style products

UniSuper has three accumulation-style products:

Benefits paid to members in the Defined Benefit Division (DBD) may also include an accumulation component, in addition to their defined benefit component.

Your investment

If you have accumulation-style super you choose how you want your super invested.

Our investment choice tool is an interactive way to learn about UniSuper’s range of investment options. Learn more about each of our options, build your own portfolio and see a breakdown of growth versus defensive assets for your chosen investments.

Before you make any decisions, take a look at the How we invest your money booklet.