Industry super fund

Industry super funds are not-for-profit funds designed to cater to people who work in particular sectors, with similar work patterns and benefit needs.

UniSuper is the only super fund dedicated to people who work (or have worked) in Australia’s university, research and higher education sector. We’re proud to work for a community of members who are as passionate about research and education as we are about super, and we're committed to helping our members build their super for a comfortable retirement.

As a member of a not-for-profit fund you can benefit from competitive fees, and knowing that any profits we receive will go directly back to benefit you and other members.

UniSuper has exclusive membership

Most of Australia’s industry super funds are open to anyone, whether or not they work in a certain industry.

We are a unique industry super fund, because you can generally only join if:

  • you work for a participating university or research body, or
  • you're related to a UniSuper member, you’ve been a member with us before or you're working in an honorary or affiliate role.

You can stay a member for life

Once you start being a UniSuper member, you’re free to stay with us for as long as you’d like. So even if you leave the sector and pursue a different career path, you can still keep your super in UniSuper if you want.

Why invest your super with an industry super fund?

Industry super funds are run to profit members

Industry super funds are not-for-profit.

UniSuper redirects all profits back into the fund to benefit members. We don’t pay our financial advisers commissions, and don’t pay dividends to external shareholders.

We get what you do

Because we exist exclusively for you, Australia’s university and higher education industry, we understand your sector. Whether you work on a full-time, contract or a casual basis, we understand that your expertise is your passion. Our focus is always to help build your super, so you can do what you do best.