Coming into money


A once-off payment could come from a few different places, including an inheritance, a tax refund, gift, or a bonus from your employer.

With some careful planning you might be able to make your new found wealth last longer and perhaps even help it grow.

Get advice

If you receive a large sum of money, there are a several investment or savings options you could consider. It may be a good idea to speak to UniSuper Advice to understand the options available to you.

Whether you want a comprehensive financial plan, or advice on just one topic, UniSuper Advice can help with the decisions you’re facing.

UniSuper Advice is for UniSuper members and their spouses so you benefit from the extensive knowledge our financial advisers have of superannuation and investment products.

See for yourself how the extra contributions you make now could help increase your retirement savings for the future:

Retirement adequacy calculator

Boost your super

Using that extra money to boost your super might not be at the top of your list, but let us show you how it could help set you up for later in life.

Having a bit more money now, or even more when you’ve retired?

The longer you invest your super for, the more opportunity your super has to grow with interest and investment returns (depending, of course, on how the investment markets perform).

Putting some (or all) of that extra money into your super could pay off over the long term. 

You can also boost your super by making extra voluntary contributions with your own money.

Better yet, voluntary contributions can be taxed at concessional rates provided you don’t exceed the contribution caps set by the government.