Loss of a loved one


The loss of a loved one is an extremely emotional and tragic change in your life. As you deal with your bereavement, the affect this change will have on your finances probably isn’t at the front of your mind.

If your loved one was a UniSuper member, let us help ease you through this transition and guide you through some issues you may need to consider in regard to their super.

Death benefits

If you are a dependant, you may be able to claim death benefits.

Depending on your loved one’s UniSuper membership category, the benefit may also include insurance proceeds.

A dependant is:

The benefit can also be paid to the deceased's legal personal representative (estate).

Need to make a claim? 

If you need to lodge or check the progress of an insurance claim, or notify us of a member’s death, call us on 1800  825 246.

Find out what happens when you make a claim.